Following DeMarcus Cousins triple-double he cryptically implies coaching change is in order

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The Sacramento Kings have a ton of talent on their roster, but they also appear to be filled with knuckleheads and coach killing players — just ask Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle. One of those players is the immensity talented, DeMarcus Cousins. Despite Cousins having a career year along with the resurgence of point guard Rajon Rondo, the team has underperformed with a 21-29 record — although currently only 3.5…

You won’t believe the pass LeBron James made to Kevin Love!

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Towards the end of the first half of the Cavaliers contest against the Charlotte Hornets, LeBron James made a ridiculous pass that hit Kevin Love for a rhythm three-pointer. But this wasn’t just any assist. This dime Bron-Bron dropped perfectly to K-Love, was made with him driving hard to the cup while attempting to make the pass from over his head and behind him. It’s good to see Love really start…

Andrew Bogut made the dumbest pass you’ll ever see against the Knicks

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During the Golden State Warriors 21 point win against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden on Sunday night, center Andrew Bogut made quite possibly the dumbest pass you’ll ever see. While this might not be on the hilarity scale of Los Angeles Lakers guard Marcelo Huertas behind the head shot, it’s surely not far behind. During the early moments of the third quarter, Stephen Curry attempted a three…

Blake Griffin trade details to Cavaliers or Knicks revealed via NBA analyst

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In Doc Rivers first two years as Los Angeles Clippers coach, the team put together 57 and 56 win seasons, respectively. Each season also culminated in second round postseason dismissals — with the latter playoff exit coming via the hands of the Houston Rockets after leading the best-of-seven series 3-1. Now, halfway through his third season, and with the Clippers again on pace for another 50 plus win season, the…

Stephen A. Smith shows his annoying true colors: David Blatt vs Lovie Smith

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Stephen A. Smith is no stranger to controversy when it comes to social issues. The sports writer has been suspended for his negative opinions towards women on domestic violence issues and seemingly enjoys playing the race card on far too many topics. In fact, Smith has been accused several times for race-baiting and is apparently delusional in that he implies a double-standard in many of his arguments. And this couldn’t…

Crazy details of how Cavaliers players viewed David Blatt is utterly absurd

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Looking back on the arduous tenure of former Cleveland Cavaliers coach, David Blatt, you can now pinpoint his unceremonious exit from Cleveland on the moment LeBron James chose to sign back with the Cavaliers. And sure, ‘Bron-Bron wasn’t the sole reasoning for Blatt being canned despite leading the Cavaliers to the NBA Finals and starting the 2015-16 season off with an Eastern Conference best 30-11 record, but he sure played a…

Andrew Bogut attempts the worst hook shot ever

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It’s hard these days to find a flaw in anything related to the Golden State Warriors, but during the first half of their home game against the Dallas Mavericks, the Dubs actually looked human. Even the great Stephen Curry struggled as he failed to hit a three-point field goal in the first half and even hoisted up an air ball. And speaking of air balls, teammate Andrew Bogut had quite…

Tyronn Lue calls out Cavaliers team after just 1 game on the job as coach

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New Cleveland Cavaliers coach, Tyronn Lue, is very confident that he’ll get things done better than his predecessor, David Blatt. And after just one game on the job, Lue has already determined an area that needs improvement: conditioning. After a disappointing double-digit debut loss to the Chicago Bulls at home, the former pupil of Doc Rivers called the Cavaliers players out for not being in shape — something I don’t think…

Knicks’ Derrick Williams jumps off two feet from dotted line for sick dunk

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In their second straight double-digit loss, the New York Knicks looked sluggish and slow against the Charlotte Hornets Saturday night. One player for the Knicks that didn’t look tired and showed some fight was reserve swingman, Derrick Williams — at least from a hustle standpoint. Williams wasn’t shy on the offensive end taking 16 shots while showing an aggressive approach the rest of the Knicks lacked. And that aggressive approach was…

Emerging star DeMar DeRozen hits Gerald Green with sick move

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Last night in the Toronto Raptors 20 point victory over the Miami Heat, emerging star DeMar DeRozen hit athletic swingman Gerald Green with a sick spin move that resulted with the Heat forward hitting the deck! Now, this is all a moot play because DeRozen missed the jimmy, but dropping a player of Green’s athleticism on a spin move is quite impressive! The Canadian fans at least thought so! WATCH: